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The most exciting things coming down the pike for marketing? No doubt you have your own running list in mind, but if you’re curious about your peers’ perspectives on what they’re most excited about, we’ve created a ‘Future of Marketing’ playlist to inspire you about all the possibilities that lie ahead.

CMOs Share What's Coming Down The Pike In Marketing

With the new tools and channels that are now accessible to marketers, there is both excitement (and nervousness) about what this could mean. While there’s no playbook to lead us through this wave of new technologies, now is the time for the community to come together, write new rules, and bring back the old strategies with a modernized twist.

In this article, you’ll find 17 quotes captured from CMOs and Marketing Executives in the Marketers That Matter Community predicting what’s next.

If we thought marketing had changed a lot over the last decade, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. The next decade will create more change in our industry than ever before. And it all starts with these tools that will allow us to create content at a higher velocity and much greater scale than ever before. It’s a new golden age of marketing, and we should all really look forward to it.”  

Vineet Mehra, CMO, Chime

AI has the immense benefit of personalization. When I think about the best-in-class marketing that’s being done in our age, it’s really about great connectivity and relationship building—that happens through personalization. And I’m so excited about how AI can enable that at scale.” 

Michelle Taite, CMO, Intuit Mailchimp

“The number of collaborations we will continue to see. There’s an abundance of access to people and creators at all levels. It will continue to become even more exciting as people get their hands on tools that allow them to create on behalf of brands.

Ilonna Aman, CMO, Fabletics   

Craig Brommers on Visionaries

I think good old-fashioned storytelling is coming back, and I’m really excited to use those muscles again.” 

Craig Brommers, CMO, American Eagle Outfitters

How content can capture brands. People are starting to understand that creating real entertainment-driven content instead of brand-driven content will create real attention and movement in the market.”

Noora Raj Brown, EVP Brand, goop

The introduction of generative AI. We’re all talking about it and how it can help speed the discovery and the creative process, particularly in writing copy or voice of a brand. The other piece is clickable, shoppable, streamable video.”

Brian Beitler, Founder of Sune and GM Live Shop Ventures LLC

I’m most excited about throwing out the rules and the playbooks and all the things that everybody said things should be. The world is upside down, the lines are blurring and blending everywhere, and it’s time for us to write the next chapter, together.”

 – Kory Marchisotto, CMO, e.l.f. Beauty and President at Keys Soulcare

The sheer fact that Golf Nation will be consumable through streaming. This has never been the case before in sports, especially golf. We have an opportunity to have a fast channel. We have an opportunity to partner with major outlets to ensure on Apple TV, Vizio, Samsung, LG, all platforms, and all handhelds, where you can watch golf entertainment, shop it, be marketed to directly, and give products you love and want.”

Suzy Whaley, President, Golf Nation

What is most exciting to me is AR. And while the conversation today is around AI, I still think that AI has a while to really get there to be truly impactful in the work that we actually do. The future will essentially be what you wear on your face, how you see things, and then how you talk back and forth with the brand in terms of simple communication.” 

Walter Geer, Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R

The consumers’ shopability. For many years, there’s been this industry saying that you could buy Jennifer Aniston’s sweater off TV, but you still can’t do that today. However, it’s not because of the technology. There’s a lot of reasons that it hasn’t happened yet. But now we’re finally at a place in time where the consumer is ready, the technology is there, but the application, just like anything new, has to really be thought through.”

Nick Buzzell, CEO, NBTV Studios & Channels

I’m most excited about AI and ML, what will happen next for ESG, and how brand is ultimately the core of what drives us in marketing; it’s how we show up for consumers.”

Jacqueline Woods, CMO of Teradata

We have more ways than ever to understand what our community wants and when and how they want it. That allows us to deliver more of what our customers and community want, turn the data into something more human, but in an authentic way to the brand.

Jamie Gersch, CMO, Rothy’s

Todd Kaplan on Visionaries

One thing I’m really excited about is the Creator economy. Everyone’s talking about AI, AR, and Web3, but the Creator economy is here, now.

Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi

It’s hard to deny the opportunity that sits in front of us to leverage the power of generative AI. This has to be something that we as marketers really try to understand and get our arms around to accelerate what we’re trying to do.” 

Domenic DiMeglio, Chief Marketing Officer, Paramount Streaming

One thing I’m really excited about is starting to talk about AI as an ingredient rather than the final destination or the end application.” 

Doug Frisbie, VP of Marketing and Communications, Aurora

I’m always really excited about emerging media and emerging platforms. And I happen to sit on one of those emerging platforms. We talked a lot today about brand versus performance and now there’s a new platform and a new opportunity for brands to tell their story.” 

Laura Sandoval, Head Of Media & Entertainment, Uber Advertising 

The most exciting thing for me about the future of marketing is the death of monoculture, the diversification of culture, and the nichification of culture. This allows us to focus on very distinct subsections of audiences who are our true customers (or true potential customers) and create much more differentiated and unique brands that speak uniquely to the most important audiences in a very authentic way.” 

Kjetil Njoten, Global Head of Creative, IMAX

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