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Imagine joining a curated group of marketing leaders—with completely different backgrounds and experiences than your own—to help you work through your toughest challenges. A group who’s main objective is to inspire innovative ideas to advance not only your brand but also your career.

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Peer Interactions

Join a small group of your peers from different industries for networking, sharing insights, and learning.

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Co-create solutions based on a structured curriculum designed by marketing experts.

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Be positioned as a thought leader within the marketing community.

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Career Growth

Get support from a community invested in flourishing your career, influence, and purpose.

Who this is for:

  • CMOs (or functional equivalent)
  • EVPs
  • SVPs, VPs
  • Senior Directors
  • Marketers with 10+ years of experience

About the program:

The Marketing Boards is a 10-month program exclusively for MTM members. B2B and B2C marketers will collaborate with their peers on focused topics facilitated by marketing experts surrounding the future of marketing, the future of teams, and your own professional development.

Through the Marketing Boards, we strive to connect brilliant minds, foster bonds, and inspire fresh thinking to address today’s most pressing business challenges—moving the entire marketing industry forward.

When marketers from varying industries and disciplines come together to solve current challenges, they become visionary leaders for the industry.

“The session was extremely valuable because it brought together marketing leaders from various disciplines into the same room where various Brand topics could be shared, debated and discussed in a very safe and curated space.”

VP, Global Creative

“It felt like a group therapy — a safe space for each of us to openly talk. Sometimes you think you’re the only one going through a challenge, so it helps to know there’s people you can reach out and you’re not alone."

Executive Brand Marketer

“It was very helpful and inspiring to hear from others about their challenges and approaches to overcome marketing & organizational problems we all deal with on a day to day basis.”

Executive Brand Marketer

“The smaller groups are much more powerful. You can really dig into deeper discussions that get to the core.”

SVP, Brand Marketer

Focused Topics:

The Future of Marketing

Measuring Brand Value

Marketing’s Role in Social/Corporate Responsibility

The Now, Next, New Framework

Full Funnel Effectiveness

Navigating MarTech Landscape

Account Based Marketing

Leveraging AI/Emerging Tech

Venturing into Metaverse

The Future of Teams

Leading Through Transformation/Change

Inspiring and Investing in Innovation

Finding Efficiencies to Enable Agility

Building a Modern Marketing Dream Team

Discovering and Developing Unicorn Talent

Strengthening Team Culture and Morale

Purpose as the Lighthouse for Empowering Your Teams

The Future of You

Leveraging Your Influence

Maximizing Mentorship & Sponsorship Opportunities

Balancing Mental Health & Performance

Catalyzing Your Growth Potential

Work-Life Integration

Keys to Effective Leadership

Intersection of Personal and Professional Purpose

Join a Marketing Board

  • Nominate someone on your team and/or yourself.
  • Once accepted, you will join a curated group of other marketers with a similar experience level.
  • Marketing Boards will meet virtually for 50 minutes each month from February to December 2023.

*Please note that you may be added to the next wave of The Marketing Board program—start date TBA.