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We hope you have been enjoying the MTM Visionaries Podcast. The next four episodes encompass stories of today’s chief marketing executives, who all have something in common. Whether they are employing their skills, teams, and talent to disrupt marketing and media models, drive a culture of innovation, embrace the power of multicultural currency, or wow the American culture with digital agility, they are all fiercely committed to living out the values of their customers. 

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Lucid Motors and Westbrook Disrupting Marketing and Media Models 

Jeff Curry, VP of Marketing and Communications of Lucid Motors, a new luxury EV (Electric Vehicle) company, is disrupting the automotive industry by meeting tech-savvy customers primarily through digital doors, experiences, and more. Jabari Hearn, SVP of Marketing and Entertainment at Westbrook, a media company founded by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is disrupting the old ways of advertising with branded content production. These two brands are establishing groundbreaking, future-focused marketing methods and delighting their consumers like never before.  

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McLaren Racing and Google Marketing Executives Driving a Culture of Innovation 

What happens when a global powerhouse like Google and a speedy physical and digital racing team like McLaren Racing join forces? Nick Drake, VP of Marketing at Google, and Louise McEwen, Executive Director of Brand & Marketing at McLaren Racing, are driving an exceptional culture of innovation within their teams and together as partners. They share how they are thinking about marketing today, strategies for tomorrow, and what makes an ideal partnership for worldwide impact.  

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BET and 3Pas Studios CMOs on The Power of Cultural Currency 

True inclusion and accurate representation in marketing go far beyond making statements and checking off boxes. For maximum economic growth, businesses must invest in multicultural representation across the marketing ecosystem. Kimberly Evans Paige, CMO of BET, and Steven Wolfe Pereira, the new Chief Business Officer of 3Pas Studios and Chairman of Encantos, share their insights on positioning your business for the greatest return on investment, influence, and impact by embracing diversity as the most vital asset.  

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McDonald’s USA and Cadillac CMOs on The Intersection of Culture and Iconic Brands 

Visionaries and CMOs, Tariq Hassan of McDonald’s USA and Melissa Grady Dias of Cadillac, share much in common, from the genesis of their careers, to how they approach their work. They were both named by Forbes on the “Entrepreneurial CMO List of 2022”, and their alma mater, Northwestern, recently inducted them into the Hall of Fame of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program, which is at the forefront of culture and data-led marketing. In our conversation, Melissa and Tariq reflect on how they can finally put theories into practice since the technology and data have caught up, enabling Cadillac and McDonald’s USA to remain iconic brands.  

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