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You may have heard there is no playbook for the future of marketing, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cutting-edge, world-class podcast featuring pioneering marketing leaders. Marketers That Matter is proud to introduce “MTM Visionaries,” a podcast featuring today’s top marketing executives who share their exciting game plans, how they are future-proofing their teams, and how they are leading in ever-changing environments.

The “MTM Visionaries” Podcast is designed for up-and-coming marketers, VPs, SVPs, EVPs, or CMOs looking to hear great ideas, prepare for the future, and be inspired.

Below are the first four podcast episodes recorded from the Live Visionaries Webinar Series. Here is what they had to say on Visionaries and how it could influence your team, talent, and future.

The “MTM Visionaries” podcast is on AppleSpotifyiHeart Radio, and all platforms! 

Introducing The First Four Episodes of “MTM Visionaries” 

The New (Augmented) Reality with NFL CMO Tim Ellis and Snap CMO Kenny Mitchell

Tim Ellis, CMO of the NFL, and Kenny Mitchell, CMO of Snap, share how they leverage the new (augmented) reality within their smash partnership, earning wins for NFL, Snap, the players, the teams, and most importantly, the fans! This partnership works because Snap and NFL are willing to meet the Snapchat generation where they are by utilizing AR as tools to create remarkable moments across an array of screens. These leaders understand the balance of fun and candid content because social media, at its root, is more than entertainment; it’s community building. Read full article

A Look into the Future of Media with Todd Kaplan, CMO of Pepsi, and Stephanie McMahon, Co-CEO of WWE

Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi, and Stephanie McMahon, who, at the time of this interview was the CBO at WWE, and is now the Co-CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., are modern marketing experts unafraid to explore the future of media. In this conversation, they discuss the success of WWE’s WrestleMania and Pepsi brand’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and share how to navigate the ever-changing world of media and content marketing. These visionaries are seeing massive success because they are testing and learning new strategies within the worlds of fragmentation, streaming, mobile, Web3, and the NFT market and are consistently producing impactful content. Read full article

Exploring the Generation Z Revolution

Perhaps Generation Z has bewildered you. In that case, there’s no one better to listen to than Kory Marchisotto, the CMO of e.l.f. Beauty, and Craig Brommer, the CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO), discuss how they have earned the hearts of Gen Z with fearlessness, authenticity, and genuine connection. Rather than keeping their strategies to themselves, they share how to think about Gen Z and several innovative ways to connect with them in the Metaverse. Read full article.

Kindness Rising: The Hopeful Future of Community with NextDoor and GoFundMe CMOs

Musa Tariq, CMO of GoFundMe, and Maryam Banikarim, (former) Head of Marketing of Nextdoor, are leading brands that empower communities to drive change by equipping and utilizing technology to connect people. GoFundMe is made up of over 400 employees globally, and NextDoor consists of more than 900 employees across the world. Musa and Maryam share stories that reflect the kindness of humanity, the difference between marketing products and community, and how their platforms were lifelines for those suffering from the pandemic and recent gun violence. Read full article.


MTM Visionaries Podcast is available on AppleSpotifyAmazon, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Visionaries, hosted by Nadine Dietz, airs live from Zoom every Tuesday at 9 AM PT and is brought to you in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. Each week, two new visionaries share their game plans and how that impacts today’s teams, talent, and hybrid work environment.

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