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Do you ever look around and wonder what strategies and mindset it takes to get your dream role? Every chance we get, we like to ask today’s most successful marketing leaders in the community for the best career advice they have received; their answers never fail to inspire. All quotes are pulled from conversations we’ve had with the Visionaries and Marketers To Watch in the community. In this article, we share 20 one-liners of the best career advice these marketers live by related to:

  • Leadership and personal development. 
  • Adopting a growth and success mindset. 
  • Strengthening your network. 
  • Career decision-making.  

Leadership and Personal Development 

“Me-time, self-reflection time, and let-me-figure-out-who-I-am time is the most selfless investment you can make.”  

Antonio Lucio, EVP Chief Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer, HP 

CMOs at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Autodesk Paint a Clear Vision for the Future

“Give yourself some grace.”

Dara Treseder, , CMO at Autodesk

Elizabeth Preis, Chief Marketing Officer at Anthropologie

“There are so many variables in business beyond your control, but what you can control is how you show up by being prepared, knowledgeable, well-read, and exhibiting confidence and inspiration to the team in a calm manner.”

Elizabeth Preis, CMO at Anthropologie

Growth and Success Mindset 

“Find jobs that are one-of-one (unique) so no matter if you do a good job or bad job, you stand out.”

Chris Marino, Head of Agency, Google

Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer at State Farm

“Success comes from the intersection of preparation and opportunity… If you don’t succeed, you learn from your mistakes.”

Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales and Marketing Officer at State Farm

“Never be afraid to ask for what you want.”

Laura Sandoval, Head Of Media & Entertainment, Uber Advertising

Melissa Proctor, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena

“Find ways to be an asset, not a liability…Those who are successful are the ones who are always thinking about what they can offer and how it can benefit others in the long run.”

Melissa Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP at Atlanta Hawks

Patricia Corsi, CMO at Bayer

“When someone gives you feedback, it’s a gift — accept it graciously.”

Patricia Corsi, Chief Marketing & Information Officer at Bayer Consumer Health

“You can have everything, just not all at once.”

 – Tiana Conley, VP Of Global Strategy, Mars Wrigley Chocolate

William White, Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart

“Rather than solely concentrating on the outcome, focus on the competencies and capabilities you are building to help you achieve your goals.

William White, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart

Networking and Mentorship 

CMOs at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Autodesk Paint a Clear Vision for the Future

“Be unapologetically you, understand you’re not for everyone, and find your personal board of directors.”

Carla Hassan, Global CMO at JP Morgan Chase

“Cultivate connections in your network throughout your career, commit to lifelong learning, and continuously develop your skills.”

Charisse Hughes, SVP, Chief Growth Officer at Kellanova

“Building coalitions with different teams is critical.”

Lisa McKnight, EVP and Chief Brand Officer at Mattel, Inc.

“You lift as you climb. No matter where you are in your career, you can invest in others.”

Lizette Williams, Global Head of Vertical Solutions Marketing at Meta

“Always look for ways to help others without asking for anything in return.”

Matt Kerbel, Director, Strategic Brand Planning, Turo

Morgan Flatley, CMO, McDonald's, shares the Power of a Simplicity Mindset in Marketing

“Always find mentors and people you can turn to who will help you navigate risk when everyone else is saying no.”

Morgan Flatley, Global CMO and Head of New Business Ventures at McDonald’s

“There is power in having a mentor or sponsor in your corner to help guide your career.”

Nick Drake, VP of Marketing at Google

Career Decision-Making and Prioritization 

“Your job is what you do for a company or business. Your career is what you do for yourself. Make sure they’re working together, but don’t let them get in the way of each other.”

Carley Caldas, VP Brand Marketing & Media, Eos

“If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it.

Paloma Azulay, VP Of Brand Marketing, Hulu, The Walt Disney Company

“When deciding on a job or role, it’s better to focus on the people you’ll be working with rather than the title itself.

 Sophie Bambuck, CMO at The North Face

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