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Facing mounting economic pressure, all companies are adjusting their strategies to sustain the turbulent times ahead. For most brands, this means pulling back to push ahead. With many internal and external adjustments to be made, how do we prioritize, given the interdependencies of brand and team health? How do we lead our teams through this time? Where can we find efficiencies to improve agility, doing more with less? What steps do we take (or not take) to mitigate risk and avoid enormous setbacks?

To initiate the discussion, we invited four Visionaries to share their thoughts on navigating times of economic challenge, especially in the context of where we are today as a society and the current expectations of consumers and employees:

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Founding Partner at WndrCo and former CEO of DreamWorks; Katie Couric, Award-Winning Journalist and Co-founder at Katie Couric Media; Anton Vincent, President of Mars Wrigley North America at Mars; and Bill Ready, CEO at Pinterest.

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For a full recap of the discussion, visit Seth Matlin’s article on Forbes,For CMOs: Is It Both The Worst Of Times And The Best of Times?” where he summarizes four key emerging themes: 

  1. Marketing’s Moment
  2. What Marketing Can’t Compromise, Even Now
  3. Brand Growth Drivers
  4. Measurements (and the absence of same)

The discussion following the panel will remain behind closed doors to preserve the established Chatham House rules. We do, however, want to thank everyone for participating, which led to Seth’s article to help guide marketers everywhere: 

  • Andréa Mallard, CMO, Pinterest 
  • Brian Irving, CMO, Meta Reality Labs  
  • Callie Canfield, Chief Brand Officer, Hanna Andersson  
  • Craig Brommers, CMO, American Eagle  
  • David Tinson, CMO, EA (Electronic Arts)  
  • Jacqueline Woods, CMO, Teradata 
  • Jamie Gersch, CMO, Rothy’s  
  • Jason McClelland, CMO & Head of Customer Care Shutterstock  
  • Jenifer Dasho, CMO, Everly Health  
  • Katie Nauman, CMO, Petco  
  • Kristin Valentine, EVP Marketing, 24 Seven  
  • Laura Jones, CMO, Instacart  
  • Lauren Weinberg, CMO, Square 
  • Lorraine Barber-Miller, EVP, Chief Marketing and E-Commerce Officer, Philips  
  • Melissa Grady Dias, Global CMO, Cadillac 
  • Nii Addy, CMO, Philo 
  • Ricky Engelberg, CMO, Vista  
  • Sadie Thoma, Director of Marketing, Google  
  • Sadira Furlow, CMO, Happy Money  
  • Samantha Maltin, Chief Marketing & Brand Officer, Sesame Workshop 
  • Scott Morris, SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Zendesk  
  • Soyoung Kang, CMO, eos 
  • Suzanne Kounkel, CMO, Deloitte 
  • Taj Alavi, CMO, Spotify 
  • Tim Ellis, CMO, NFL