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How can leaders motivate, honor, and provide the right opportunities for Gen Z to contribute as their true selves—ripe with fresh ideas, skills, and perspectives?

A group of top CMOs and marketing leaders from American Eagle Outfitters, Autodesk, Cadillac, Chime, Chipotle Mexican Grill, DoorDash, e.l.f. Beauty, HP Inc., Kellogg’s, Nike, PepsiCo, Pinterest, and Spotify banded together during MTM’s 2023 Marketing Board program to discuss just that.

And with a plethora of Gen Z research out there, the group partnered with top Gen Z research firm JUV Consulting to uncover qualitative insights around Gen Z’s underlying fears, motivations, and expectations to help inspire solutions for leaders to co-create a future of work that works for all.

Download the guide for the top insights and, most importantly, practical solutions for marketing leaders to put into action.

A marketing leaders guide for managing Gen Z

As part of this guide, we answer questions like:

  • What are Gen Zers’ biggest fears that they might not say out loud?
  • Who’s supporting the folks supporting Gen Z? (ahem, middle managers)
  • Gen Zers want to work for “purpose-driven” companies… but what does that mean to them?
  • What does Gen Z really need from their leaders?

“If you haven’t read this guide, you should. It’s stacked full of fascinating insights.”

– Nick Drake VP of Marketing at Google, as heard on the Visionaries podcast

Thank you to the following MTM Marketing Board Participants for contributing to this guide:

  • Andrèa Mallard, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Pinterest
  • Charisse Hughes, Chief Growth Officer at Kellanova
  • Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Craig Brommers, CMO at American Eagle Outfitters
  • David Bornoff, Head of Brand Marketing at DoorDash
  • Gene Paek, Global Head of Digital Experience & Innovation at HP Inc.
  • Kory Marchisotto, CMO at e.l.f. Beauty
  • Lauren Gallo, Senior Director, Brand Marketing Creative at Nike
  • Melissa Grady Dias, Global CMO at Cadillac
  • Taj Alavi, VP, Global Head of Marketing at Spotify
  • Todd Kaplan, CMO at Pepsi, PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Vineet Mehra, CMO at Chime

Additionally, thank you to the following MTM community members for their contributions:

  • Rachel Delphin, CMO at Twitch
  • Steven Tristan Young, CMO at Poshmark
  • Dylan Gambardella, Co-founder and CEO at Next Gen HQ
  • Ziad Ahmed, CEO at JUV Consulting
  • Steph Strickland, Senior Director of Research at JUV Consulting

The survey referenced in this guide was conducted by JUV Consulting in partnership with Marketers That Matter® and includes the responses from 138 Generation Z members who live in North America, sourced from JUV’s proprietary network of 10,000 global Gen Zers. The survey was conducted online between June and July 2023.

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