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We are recognizing Kayla (Santos) Moore in the 2024 Marketers To Watch Series for her innovative work as a community builder and leader in the marketing industry.

Kayla recently joined HOBO as the Vice President of Brand Marketing, where she is excited to tap into the next opportunity to build superfans and community. In her new role, she brings with her a deep background in building brands and communities across sports, beer, crypto/web3, and the apparel industries, including True Classic, MoonPay, ABInBev, Budweiser, and Under Armour.

Curious about how to build authentic brand communities, exciting things coming down the marketing pike, and her advice to marketers looking for their next role? Keep reading to learn Kayla’s perspectives.

What gives me joy outside of work

I enjoy DIY projects at home and furniture refurbishing. I love finding beauty and potential in items people wouldn’t normally consider. Sharing this passion with my husband makes it even more special! 

Every marketer should read...

“Creating Super Fans” by Brittany Hodak 

Future of Marketing

Q: What’s one thing coming down the marketing pike you are most excited about?

I’m most excited about new innovation and technology that personalizes the consumer journey across CRM, social, and other platforms. I look forward to a day when content and even products are made specifically for you instead of people like you. With AI and other tech advancements, we aren’t too far from this reality, and, in some cases, it is already happening (AI-driven beauty products, AI-driven apparel development). Now, we need to marry product with communication for a hyper-customized experience.  

Q: What widely accepted “marketing truth” do you wish the industry would evolve? 

I would challenge the Brand vs. Performance Marketing debate. It’s all part of the integrated marketing mix. We only win when we have that mix, balance, and blend, so why do we designate the two?  

My best analogy is an orchestra. Brand marketing can be compared to the conductor of the orchestra. The conductor sets the tone and vision for the performance and ensures that all musicians (the marketing elements) work seamlessly together. Performance marketing can be compared to the musicians and all the individual instruments that contribute to the overall performance.  

Brand Marketing

Q: What’s a prediction you have for Brand Marketing over the next few years?

Authentic community building is key! We are already seeing it, but brands with the strongest communities are building lifelong brand fandom. Communities share their most beloved products and brands with high conviction. The share button on social is the new word of mouth.

Q: What’s something innovative/exciting you’re proud of from your career as a Brand Marketer?

I am proud that I have always championed community in every role. At Under Armour, we championed female athletes but extended that to the fitness trainers who are integral parts of city-specific fitness communities. At Budweiser, we championed up-and-coming music artists. At MoonPay, it was digital artists who were leading the new frontier of art. And at True Classic, it was up-and-coming comedians who could drive laughter, connecting back to the purpose of making people look good and feel good. I am excited to tap into the next community opportunity at HOBO!  

Q: What’s the most pressing business challenge you’ve faced in Brand Marketing within the last year, and what have you done to try to solve it?

Measuring brand value has been the most consistent challenge. Everyone measures brand value differently across all the companies I have worked for. Yes, there have been similarities, but the top 1-3 KPIs of importance have varied. I look forward to the advancement of brand measuring tools that can drive a level of universality.   

Leadership and Career Advice

Q: What advice would you give to your peers who have recently faced a layoff or are in between jobs?

Always take the call. You never know where a network connection may take you, even if their role and background may seem disconnected from yours. The dots seemingly always come together, whether that is realized immediately or months/years later.  

Q: What leadership muscle is most important for marketers to exercise?

Leading with empathy. In our digitally connected, fast-moving work environment the lines between work and life can often become blurred. It is important to always lead with empathy ensuring you are supporting your team through the wins and challenges both personally and professionally.  

Q: What’s the most game-changing career advice youve received?

You are the most powerful advocate for your future. I am deeply grateful for the mentors who have instilled in me this unwavering confidence. Their guidance has not only empowered me but has also heightened my awareness of my team’s potential. While I will always (fiercely) advocate for my team, I recognize that they are their own ultimate authorities of their personal and professional journeys. 

Marketers to Watch is a recognition series to spotlight highly innovative and forward-thinking marketing leaders in the community. If you have someone you’d like to nominate for the series, apply here.