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Dan Robbins, VP, Ad Marketing & Partner Solutions at Roku: Dan Robbins is Vice President, Marketing & Partner Solutions at Roku, where he leads the marketing, research, analytics, events, design, and branded content for the ad business. Dan joined Roku in 2017 to lead research and measurement for advertising and programming. Before Roku, he worked on several strategic partnerships and product rollouts at Nielsen. Dan has presented at the 4As, Advertising Week, Advertising Research Foundation, and appeared in Ad Age, Ad Week, and other publications. He was named to the 2018 Broadcasting & Cable “40 Under 40” list, the 2019 GRIT Future list, and the 2019 Fellows Program at the Economic Club of New York. He is also the executive sponsor of Pride @ Roku. Dan is a graduate of Cornell University and based in New York. 

Fun Facts About Dan Robbins 

Key Leadership Habit  

Every month, I do three things:

  1. I share what’s on my mind regarding the business, industry, and world with my team.
  2. I restate our brand’s goal and mission.
  3. I share and celebrate the excellent work happening within our team. 

Favorite Podcast 

My all-time favorite podcast is Song Exploder. It is a short 20-minute inspirational interview that shares artists’ songwriting processes and how they build a story. Many lessons correlate with marketing that naturally carries over.    

Favorite Leader 

While I don’t have a specific favorite leader, the leadership attribute I admire the most is doing the right thing over the easy thing. It’s about making tough decisions to do what’s right while doing good.