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We will be accepting submissions for the 2018 MTM Awards this fall.
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We’re not evaluating based on buzz, great ad campaigns and fancy press releases (not that those aren’t important). We’re evaluating on solidly innovative strategies, execution, and real business results that create new best practices and push boundaries. There are three main criteria that are used in judging.


Did the initiative significantly impact the company, the division, and/or the group?


Were the strategies & tactics innovative for the company, industry, and/or customers?


Did the initiative create measurable results for the company and value for the customer?


With all the interconnection of the Bay Area marketing community, conflicts of interest will inevitably arise. Council Members and Judges abstain from judging/reviewing any colleagues at their current company or anyone where they have a personal relationship and feel they cannot objectively review.




Early Application Deadline
January 20, 2017

Application Deadline
February 17, 2017

Finalists Announced
March 16, 2017

Winners Announced
May 18, 2017


Small Company (under 1,000 employees)
$300 per category
$225 prior to Early Application Deadline

Large Company (over 1,000 employees)
$650 per category
$550 prior to Early Application Deadline


For each MTM Award category there is a Large Company (over 1,000 employees) & Small Company (under 1,000 employees) winner. The same initiative may be submitted to more than one category. Companies may submit as many noteworthy initiatives as they like.


This marketing leader & team have effectively leveraged the tools in the marketer’s arsenal to build or enhance a national or global brand, creating products, customer experiences and relationships that drive loyalty and evangelism. These marketers understand their market, their offering & their customers’ needs, delivering a consistent & compelling experience of the brand with employees, customers & stakeholders.


This marketing leader & team have driven revenue growth through new market opportunities, market penetration, new products, audience development, sales enablement or more. They have partnered internally and externally, and succeeded in driving new revenue, cultivating repeat purchases and inspiring brand advocacy. Through the right mix of messages, audiences and marketing activities their initiative has added growth to the bottom line.


This marketing leader & team have enriched the life-long relationship with the customer, leveraging big data to create stellar customer experiences. At every touchpoint, from the moment of discovery through the initial purchase and use of product or service, across platforms, in both on and offline experiences, customers enjoy a personalized, value-enhancing experience and respond with hearts, minds and dollars.


This marketing leader & team have effectively leveraged the tools in the marketer’s arsenal to build or enhance a national or global brand, creating a brand personality that is consistent, compelling, and defensible. These marketers are looking beyond campaigns, thinking cohesively, & delivering value that creates employees, customers & stakeholders who are loyal, if not fanatical, about the brand.


This marketing leader & team have deployed radical transformations, either to the company’s products, strategy, organizational design,  marketing philosophy or culture. The transformation has gone beyond incremental improvement and will span multiple years, creating a re-examination and reinvention of what the company does, how it markets, and how it operates. The full impacts will reverberate for years to come.


This marketing leader & team have leveraged data, automation & insight to create outstanding digital experiences for customers. They’ve utilized web, mobile, social & online platforms, and even the Internet of Things to provide the right information at the right time, resulting in increased market share, lead conversion & sales.


This award recognizes a marketing leader & team for a one-time campaign or initiative that demonstrates exceptional creativity and innovation, delivering surprise and delight, creating buzz to attract new customers, enhancing brand perception, and driving sales. These creative initiatives bring the brand to life for customers, helping to win over their hearts, minds, and wallets.




If you have further questions, contact us at We’ll get back to you within one business day.


Treat your application as a business case.

The judges are looking for marketing executives and teams that had a definable business and objective, a clear strategy and innovative approach to reaching the goal, and created specific results that illustrate success and tie back to the goal. It’s not about great looking collateral or smart campaign slogans, it’s about the strategy that you created and executed against to create demonstrable value for your company and customers.

Ensure you personally shape the answers.

While you PR agency or ad agency can do much of the legwork to help you prepare for your application, we find the most successful applicants are the ones that are involved in defining the key elements of the questions.

Be specific about results and why they are significant.

What were the results? Did you create earned awareness that created a 10% lift in your pipeline from the previous year? Did your innovative branding initiative create such groundswell that you doubled your impressions and drove 10% more foot traffic into your stores? And, what is so significant about your results? Is it a new level of performance for your organization? Does it set a new standard for your industry?


What level of marketer/team should be applying?

Those responsible for leading the team that is creating effective strategies, driving implementation, delivering results, and overseeing key initiatives. At most companies this would be a VP or above, but at some companies there are exceptional Director-level marketers that fit our criteria. At smaller companies this would be usually the most senior marketing executive or even the CEO. But, it’s not about the job title. It’s about the responsibility and accountability for innovative strategies and the ultimate business results.

Can I apply for more than one category?

Yes. You may apply for multiple categories. Each category is evaluated and judged by different Council Members. Sometimes the same accomplishments/application will be directly relevant to more than one category. Other times, you will want to showcase different work for different categories.

Can multiple marketers at my company apply?

Yes. We encourage multiple marketers to apply if they meet the judging criteria. Each category is evaluated and judged separately. Companies, especially larger ones, tend to have several marketers that qualify for various categories.

One of the judges works for a direct competitor. Can I still apply?

Yes. It’s critical to us that the judging process be fair and impartial. We have a “conflict of interest” policy that is a part of the judging process. A Judge/Council Member must abstain from reviewing/voting for any applicants that work for a direct competitor, for their company, or if they have another type of relationship that would impact their ability to be impartial.

One of the judges is my boss/works at my company. Can I still apply?

Yes. See above.

What is the acceptable time frame for my accomplishments in my application?

We look for accomplishments and examples from the past 1-2 years as it takes time to create innovative strategies, flawlessly execute, and measure the results.

I left company ABC in the last 12 months, but that’s where I did great things. 

That’s fine. This award is about the work and the person, not the company. If you did amazing things at your last company that created great results, then we encourage you to apply and write about what you accomplished in your previous role.

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