HBR: How Leaders Can Keep Their Cool in a Crisis

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - February - 2018

The word crisis suggests something that happens infrequently. But these days, crises have become a regular state of affairs. Brands that you’d think would be fairly immune to scandal have found themselves embroiled in controversy. And those that deal with public relations challenges regularly have still been caught off guard by a customer insurgency.

HBR: What Creativity In Marketing Looks Like Today

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - March - 2017

What makes marketing creative? Is it more imagination or innovation? Is a creative marketer more artist or entrepreneur? Historically, the term “marketing creative” has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. But marketing, like other corporate functions, has become more complex and rigorous.

HBR: Build Your Brand as a Relationship

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - May - 2016

The way we think about brands need to change. In the past, they were objects or concepts. You had a relationship with a brand. But in this social age, brands are the relationships.

HBR: The Best Digital Strategists Don’t Think in Terms of Either/Or

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - June - 2015

It has become an axiom that “strategy is about making hard choices,” as we have been advised for over 20 years by leading thinkers including Michael Porter and Roger Martin. But our work with a community of senior executives in the Bay Area suggests that today’s market leaders are following the advice of Yogi Berra: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

HBR: A Cheat Sheet for Marketers on the Future of Digital Platforms

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - May - 2015

Customer engagement has never been more urgent or more elusive. Real engagement – the kind that goes beyond a momentary impression to a meaningful interaction – isn’t happening on traditional channels. It’s happening today on digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram.

HBR: Strategies to Attract Superpower Marketing Talent

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - July - 2014

Today’s most competitive marketplace isn’t technology but talent. The challenge of attracting and retaining talent is particularly acute for marketers. Their function has been turned upside down and inside out as a result of digital technology, empowered employees, and connected customers.

HBR: Marketing Can No Longer Rely on the Funnel

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - May - 2014

One of the central concepts of marketing and sales is the funnel — through which companies are supposed to systematically move prospects from awareness through consideration to purchase.

HBR: The Five Superpowers of Marketing

By Cara France and Mark Bonchek - December - 2013

Customers are more connected and empowered than ever before. If you want to win their hearts and minds, you have to master the latest technology, assimilate vast quantities of data, engage and delight your customers, and deliver products and services that surpass expectations.  Plus you have to attract the best talent to your own organization and align your team around a shared purpose.

What is a Marketer?

“What is a Marketer?” This year, at the MTM Finalist Dinner, we asked several of our 2018 Finalists to help us answer that question.

What is a Marketer? (On The Street)

You heard our MTM Award Finalists sharing their perspectives on What is a Marketer. We thought it would be valuable to also capture the perspective of some future customers.

Marketing Today

Hear from the 2015 Marketers that Matters community on what is marketing today.